About VAP

VAP was designed by Pierre-Étienne Jacques and François Robert. Charles Coulombe implemented the vap_core module with the help of Alexei Nordell-Markovits. Christian Poitras implemented the vap_interface module. Marc-André Lavoie implemented the Libre/Open Office as well as Microsoft Office macro. Pierre-Étienne designed the core code, interface and macro, and coordinated the project.

All questions and comments should be addressed at vap_support@usherbrooke.ca .

Citing VAP:

Coulombe C, Poitras C, Nordell-Markovits A, Brunelle M, Lavoie MA, Robert F, Jacques PE  (2014) VAP: a versatile aggregate profiler for efficient genome-wide data representation and discovery. Nucleic Acids Research. 42: W485-93.

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