Welcome to the Versatile Aggregate Profiler (VAP) official web site

The analysis of genomic data such as ChIP-Seq usually involves representing the signal intensity level over genes or other genetic features. This is often shown as a curve (representing the aggregate profile of a group of genes) or as a heat map (representing individual genes). VAP is designed to be used by experimental and computational biologists to generate such profiles using either an absolute or a relative method. Graphical representation of the results is automatically generated, and subgrouping can be done easily based on the orientation of the flanking annotations. The output files include statistical measures to facilitate comparison between groups or datasets. VAP is highly efficient and designed to run on laptop computers through its memory footprint control, but it can also be easily compiled and run on servers.

The complete VAP project is composed of two modules, named vap_core (developped in C++) and vap_interface (developped in Java). See the documentation for more details.